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Ron Weinreich – Combat Injured IDF Commander & Founder


My name is Ron Weinreich and I am the Founder of the Healing Dove Children’s Fund. This foundation, however, does not belong to me. It belongs to the disabled children of the Middle East, to their parents, and to all of the citizens of the Middle East regardless of their nationality, religion, gender, or creed. These children are dear to me because I myself am a casualty of war. While I was leading an operation in Lebanon as a Tank Commander in the Israeli Defense Forces, I was injured severely – I suffered a spinal cord injury which paralyzed me. My life crumbled in a single moment and it would never be the same. Something which helped me rise up from a deep depression was suddenly realizing how grateful I was – grateful to be hospitalized and rehabilitated in a modern country (Israel), to have amazing rehabilitation specialists, to have a lightweight wheelchair, to learn how to drive a car, to be independent, and to live in a country that supported my living a life as normally as possible.

Throughout the Middle East, however, these kinds facilities and possibilities are not available to the vast majority of injured and disabled people, and especially children. If I had not had the ability to lift myself up with the help of the people and infrastructure around me, I would never have been able to fulfill my purpose and live the extraordinary life that I do – I would simply be a poor and pitiful victim of the Middle East conflict. Rather than being a victim, I chose to be a leader and catalyst to empower children disabled by the conflict in the Middle East and enable them to fulfill their purpose in life.

I also believe that the future of the Middle East is in the hands of the children, and the only possibility for peace in our lifetime is to have the children of the Middle East transcend the faults of previous generations. A child left disabled by the conflict will either live their whole life fueled by resentment and victimhood, or they will rise above their injury and show their community that anything is possible in the face of the past. This is the kind of power and leadership we lack in our world today, yet this power could cut through any amount of indoctrination, propaganda, hate, fear, and resignation between people. There is one thing we can all agree on from all sides of the ideological spectrum; we can all agree to put aside our quarrels and help kids. This might seem like a drop in the bucket for some, but I have no doubt that the impact of helping our children will have an exponential effect, transforming families, whole communities, and ultimately whole nations.

What could we then do? What can we do to make a difference for the lives of these children and for the Middle East as a whole? Where the leaders have failed to end the cycle of suffering with words and ineffective policies, we can succeed with meaningful and decisive action.

We believe that by bringing people of different faiths, races, and creeds together, literally healing, educating, and supporting each other, resentment and anger disappears and love and affinity emerges.  For this reason, we will do exactly that.

Karl Dittmann – Director


Karl is a vibrant and dynamic young entrepreneur with experience in fields such as precious metal mining, finance, holistic ontological medicine and youth community management. As the concept of “peace in the Middle East” occurs to most as an impossible feat to achieve, Karl finds this kind of objective a significant accomplishment that is worth striving and living for. We want to empower and develop young leaders to take the reigns of the movement to heal the Middle East and thus Karl was our top pick to join the leadership of the Healing Dove Children’s Fund.

Greer Williams – Board Member and Strategic Consultant


Greer Williams is President of GKW Solutions Inc. a boutique private equity company based in Pittsburgh, specializing in safe, secure cash flow for generational security.

During her 20 years in business, Greer worked with fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities, visionaries, and entrepreneurs with the specific intent to ensure the safety and security of what they value most. Greer’s passions are tennis, spending time in nature & with her animals, and watching her two sons develop into incredible human beings. 

Jason Lee – Admin and Treasurer


Jason has spent the last 15 years in the music industry as an accomplished producer, brand manager and artist developer. We also know him as one of the most responsible and trustworthy people to take on the administrative tasks of the foundation. Like the true artist Jason is, the mission of our foundation is simply another way he can make an impact for the betterment of our world.

Our Pledge


We will bring children with disabilities (and one of their parents) to Israel for two (2) months to receive the world’s best rehabilitative care. We will give them an intensive and professionally accredited course in computer coding and software so the children can return home with a valuable profession and can make their own living. We will match up each child with a successful mentor that they can look up to who will chaperone them throughout their life.

We believe that after two months of having our hands on them, healing them, educating them, and loving them, it is inevitable that we will send them home to a brand new life, now beaming with hope and possibilities. When they are home in their communities, the difference will be unequivocally noticed by all, and it shall be known that there are good people in the world who are working towards healing the Middle East against all odds for a brighter tomorrow.