We can all agree - Children shouldn't suffer

Healing Dove

Our mission is to transform the lives of children who were disabled by conflicts in the Middle East


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This is How We Give a Child a Brand New Life

World-Class Rehabilitation

We provide daily intensive world-class rehabilitation treatments for children directly disabled due to the conflict in the Middle East, regardless of their religion, gender, or nationality.


Each child receives a personal and professional mentor to and create a life-long bond with and guide them throughout their experience and beyond. Someone they can look up to.

Professional Computer Skills

Whether we teach them computer coding, photoshop design or video editing, each child will go home after undergoing an intensive professional computer trade skill. They will be able to make money and be of service to the world.

Getting Involved

Save a Child’s Future

From biblical to modern days, the Middle East has been a hotbed for conflict and turmoil. The countless tribes of indigenous peoples, the diversities of religions and their many factions, and the ongoing conflicts dating back generations have created a pattern of perpetual unrest and pain. Almost every human being on earth knows the Middle East is a problematic area of the world, and yet no one has found a strategy which will make the difference needed to bring forth a new paradigm where cooperation and prosperity can be achieved.

Warring nations, holy wars, and cultural clashes fuel a never-ending cycle of suffering that is passed down from one generation to another compelled to avenge the pain of the previous generation. And who is caught innocently in the gears of this rusty machine? THE CHILDREN.


Healing Dove Children’s Fund is a U.S. based, international, humanitarian charity providing world class rehabilitation treatment for children directly disabled due to the conflict in the Middle East, regardless of their religion, gender, or nationality.


We provide children with the ability to create value for themselves and society, and to live meaningful and productive lives in spite of their injuries.


Through our programs in Israel, we provide rehabilitation for the children and train their parents to continue their physical rehabilitation in their home country.


Our goal for 2020 is to sponsor the rehabilitation of 5 children. By 2025, we hope to be sponsoring 40 children per year. Our ultimate goal is help every child with disabilities in need within the Middle East.

Future Peace

By taking action together to heal the lives of children, we can help provide future generations of children lives filled with peace, prosperity, and health.

What we do

We transform the lives of Children with disabilities injured in the Middle East conflict regardless of religion, gender or nationality

How You Can Make a difference

Especially in these times of turmoil in the Middle East, including Syria, Kurdistan, Gaza, and other countries, improving the lives of disabled children is of the utmost importance. Incredibly, in today’s modern age, at any given moment there are thousands of children around the world suffering from life-altering disabilities who require our assistance!

The children we help will come from several countries in the Middle East where adequate care is simply unavailable. They will be treated at Israel’s top physical therapy clinic in Ganey Tikwa, and they will be housed by foster families who will tend to their every need.


If you are reading this then we already know there is something in you that calls you forth to make some kind of difference in the world! We get it – because we’re like that too! We’re always happy to accept new volunteers who can contribute from their area of expertise and/or from their hearts to make a difference for the children.



Here are some areas with opportunities to volunteer:

  • Legal
  • Graphics
  • Video Editing
  • Fundraising
  • Event Production
  • Social Media Management
  • And any other way that you feel you can assist!